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Podcasting has arrived. Have You?

Download our whitepaper to learn about the latest opportunities and current challenges in buying advertising on podcasts today, how to unlock the podcast opportunity for your agency, and the future of podcast buying.

In this White Paper, you’ll learn more about…

Automated Host Read Ads

Find out what’s possible with host-read ads, dynamic ad insertion, automating I/O’s, and programmatic buying.

Brand Safety

See what’s possible today around brand safe, contextual targeting within podcasts, and learn about emerging industry standards, brand safety and podcast measurement.

Podcast Discovery and Targeting

See what’s possible today in terms of targeting, and how you can do more than just buy advertising on podcasts ‘one show at a time’.

In this White Paper, you’ll learn more about…

Podcast Advertising in a Programmatic World

Get access to an in-depth primer for agencies that breaks down the core elements of podcast advertising and helps you design an effective strategy for podcast buying.